Where to buy antiques in London

Over the years I have been asked so many times where to go to buy antiques in London, that I have decided to put regularly up-dated information online since I know how exciting shopping for antiques in London can be as long as you have someone to take you under their wing in the beginning. 

In London the choice of antiques is huge and the places, shops, fairs and auction houses are widespread in this sprawling city. But things can change very quickly, new places can emerge in a short space of time and areas which had been rated as a good place to buy antiques in the past can quickly loose their luster. Never forget, London is a city of trends and the huge pressure of the real estate market can be deciding.

The once iconic Portobello Road has become a tourist haunt, especially since the famous movie "Notting Hill". Hamburgers, T-shirts, necklaces and second-hand clothing have taken the place of the antiques. King's Road, famous in the past for its choice of beautiful antiques, has now become a dying kingdom of bling. And don't get me started on the random antiques shops dotted around London which are no better than car boot sales !

On the other hand, if Church Street in Marylebone has rapidly grown into one of my favorite destinations, the Fulham scene with the Lillie Road dealers is absolutely the best hunting-ground for interior designers, dealers and savvy individuals who go there for interesting and reasonably priced pieces.


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